How about a nice and SHORT sales page?

You might be at this page because of a lengthy sales letter or some other long or time-consuming process. Don’t you just hate it when someone is trying to sell you a high priced item and they believe they have to go on for hours about it? Just a few days ago I watched a webinar pitching a new snazzy “beat-everything-else-to-pieces” type of real estate investing solution. It took over 2 hours to get to a price and then another hour to remind you of all the features and benefits you would receive. To be honest I felt a little put upon – taking up that much of my time. 

So how about this? The video above is 3 minutes and 23 seconds long. You can read these three paragraphs in about 3 more minutes, so spend 6-7 minutes on this page and make a decision. Are you ready to because a PROFESSIONAL real estate investor? Ok. Click the Buy Now button. You have two basic options: A 6-month mentorship that includes content and group coaching calls. Direct project consultation is available at an additional cost. The 1-year option repeats the 6 month content (it is AMAZING how much more students retain the second time around and with a bit of experience). The group calls continue but you also get monthly personal calls. These plans offer a discount on the onsite direct consultation through a project. You will also see the “Deal Consultation” for those who have a deal under contract but now are seeking guidance. And lastly there is the “Guru Rescue” Program. This is for people who have paid $20,000 or more to a “guru” and still find they need additional help. (It happens all the time, so don’t feel badly if this describes you.) You pay NOTHING up front (You’ve already paid, right?) but you will pay me 25% of your deal profit and at least $10,000 over the next year or over the next four deals, whichever comes first. Take the money out of the proceeds of your projects and the payments are so easy!

Why do I want you to pay me so much for deal consultation? Simply put, I’m pretty good at this. Can you learn it without me? Probably, but the mistakes will end up costing you more. Can I do my own flips without you? Absolutely, but this gives me an opportunity to scale my business (which is part of what I teach).

Want one more paragraph of convincing? How about this? Think about the average cost of a college education. In-state tuition this year averages just over $20,000 per year and out-of-state and/or private schools average $46,000. (Yeah, I just googled that.) So you could spend $80,000-$170,000 for education toward a career that might make you 50-80k to start. That’s the deal we make for college. How much can you make as a real estate investor? If you work my program, go through all the course material, and make the offers and get deals done, you should make 70-80,000 in your first year. And you’ll accomplish that with maybe $10,000 invested in your education. Seems like a better deal to me. There is one HUGE catch: In this business your salary becomes effective when you do. What this means is there is NO guaranteed income. What I WILL guarantee is my effort. I will be with you every step of the way — every offer, every rehab question, every rental analysis, whatever you need until you can handle it on your own. Once you buy, you’re in my tribe. Even when your mentoring period ends, we will still be friends. Perhaps you’ll even be one of our leaders! Many things are possible.

Mentoring and Coaching Options Compared

Direct Deal Consultation

Hands-on interaction through an entire project. For those who have a flip project and want guidance through it.
$ 5,000 plus 25% of Net Profit Upon Sale
  • Site Visit (or virtual visit)
  • Plan Review
  • Connections, Introductions
  • Paperwork
  • Access for Issues

Six Month Coaching

Online Course, Fix and Flip, Buy and Hold, Passive Income, Weekly Group Call, Deal Consultation Discount.
$ 5,967
  • Fix and Flip
  • Buy and Hold
  • Business Set Up
  • Scaling up
  • Documents
  • Scripts
  • Online Studies
  • Weekly Group Calls
  • Includes admission to Live Training Events (Starter Series and Intensives)
  • 50% off Deal Consultation Up Front Cost

One Year Mentoring

Everything from the Six Month Program plus six months plus discount on Deal Consultation
$ 9,967
  • Fix and Flip
  • Buy and Hold
  • Business Set Up
  • Scaling up
  • Documents
  • Scripts
  • Online Studies
  • Weekly Group Calls
  • Includes admission to Live Training Events (Starter Series and Intensives)
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Monthly one-on-one consultations
  • 50% off Deal Consultation Up Front Cost (use twice if desired)
  • Inner Circle Member Status, access to exclusive deals and partnerships
  • List Item


Show that you spent $20,000 or more with a "guru" and still need help. This is for on-site consultation(s).
$ 0 Nothing down, $10,000 minimum ( up to 4 deals
  • Site Visit (or virtual visit)
  • Plan Review
  • Connections, Introductions
  • Paperwork
  • Access to FA Coach
  • Access to Mentoring Calls and Courses
  • Flips, Rentals, Advanced Strategies
  • One Year Access

Wanna see the content you'll receive? OK.

I know I said it’s a short sales page, but some people want a lot of information. That’s great! This is what we will cover over the six months. Here you go:

  1. Mindset 1. Beyond Goal-Setting – Business Plan Mapping.
  2. What, Who, and Why. Your Purpose, Your Product, and Your People
    1. What is real estate? Learn key definitions, terms and industry jargon. You’ll eventually get used to talking about the ARV and ROI, deeds, title, Settlement Statements, and more.
    2. No one can do all of this alone. Who should be on your team? How to find them, how to engage them, how to monitor their activities and more
    3. Why are you doing all this? This exercise gets to your purpose or mission in life.
  3. Starting Your Business. Learn all the entity types you’ll need for your business. You’ll also learn how to minimize your tax liabilities while maximizing your assets through proper insurance, structure, and execution.
  4. Finding the Deals. There are more than a dozen deal sources. We will explore the best and most practical and go in depth with some. You’ll learn how to make the best use of a landing page and how to use social media to find deals. You’ll also learn how to make the most of the Flipping America Network (FAN) membership included with your training (one year).
  5. Mindset 2. Success Messaging
  6. Using Technology to Find Deals. In this module we take a look at all of the latest technology, apps, and programs that generate leads.
  7. Deal Analysis. Learn how to crunch the numbers on a deal. Just as importantly, learn how to conduct comparative evaluations with other possible deals in order to choose the best one. You’ll use the “Flipping America Investment Property Grade” tool.
  8. Deal Structure. There are a number of ways to acquire and/or dispose of a property. We will cover all the major (and a few of the minor) methods used. You’ll also learn the ideal circumstances for each type of structure and will be armed and ready for your negotiation.
  9. Deal Structure, Part Two. We continue the discussion from last week. We will break down methods for creating cash flow.
  10. Joint Ventures. How to put together a short-term partnership, for any type of deal.
  11. Negotiation. We will review negotiation mindset and strategies and get you ready to talk with sellers, buyers, renters, contractors, realtors, and anyone else you do business with. Life is negotiation!
  12. Deal Funding. There are many ways to structure the funding for your deal. Some of them are established by default when you choose certain deal structures, but you usually have options. We will discuss the options and the situations where each option is best applied.
  13. Deal Funding. Part two. Alternative Structures, using FlipCalcs.
  14. Rehabbing Properties. Learn the basics of property rehab, including property walk through, creating the scope of work, recruiting, vetting,
  15. Rehabbing Properties, pt 2. Managing contractors, using your funding source to keep the work moving only, and basic project management.
  16. Disposition. Sell or rent your property optimally. If selling, learn how to work with and supplement your realtor. Learn other ways to dispose of property besides selling or renting! Your situation and goals will determine your course of action here.
  17. Disposition. Installment Land Agreement
  18. Mindset 3. Business Owner, not hobbyist. What type of business is this really? How to begin progressing toward scaling up, considering employees, contractors.
  19. Negotiation 2. Getting what you want. It’s not always the price – it’s the return.
  20. Rental 1. Understand the basics of rental property purchasing. How to buy, what to buy, what to pay.
  21. Rental 2. Property Management Basics. Do it Yourself AND Hire Management. Pros, cons, considerations, and important tips for managing the process.
  22. Rental 3. Asset types. SFR, Small multi, apartment, commercial
  23. Rental 4. Inside the numbers. Inside the numbers. How to evaluate a cash flow property by the numbers. Learn about things like “cash on cash return”, “cap rate”, “internal rate of return”, expense ratio and other vitally important numbers the pros use to evaluate rental properties.
    1. Cash on cash return
    2. Capitalization rate
    3. Internal rate of return
    4. Expense ratio
    5. Mortgage Constant
    6. Yield Spread
    7. Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  24. Cash-flowing Single Family Residential. Cash flowing single family residential. This is not as easy as it seems. The “gurus” want to make it look easy either because they want you to buy their course or they want you to buy houses from them. We discuss the pros and (many) cons of single family residential as an asset class and talk about some commonly taught methods that are an invitation to disaster.
    1. Why the numbers often don’t add up.
    2. Buying and Rehabbing
    3. The right kind of property
    4. The right location
    5. The right kind of rehab
    6. Management of SFRs
    7. When to hire management
  25. Know Your Whys and Your Why Nots Not every deal needs doing. Not every deal is a good fit and not all of the good fits need to be taken on. Learn to read not only the deal analysis but the larger picture – personalities, skill sets, circumstances.
  26. It’s harder than it looks. What it really takes to start a business
    1. Everything takes longer than it takes.
    2. Everything costs more than it costs.
    3. Your Online Presence is Required
  27. Wealth Builder 1. Create INCOME through flips. Create WEALTH through passive. This session is designed to help you
  28. Auction Buying. We explore all of the auction-based real estate sites and review best practices and pros and cons of each.
  29. Passive Investing in Real Estate. How to be a Private Lender. Get the numbers and the paperwork right.
  30. Passive Investing in Real Estate Other types of passive investing, REITs, RE Mutual Funds, Private Placements, Syndications.
  31. Multi-Family love. This asset class (up to 5 units under one roof) will get some love as a strong candidate for leveraged cash flow.
    1. How to apply the numbers to small MF.
    2. MF management issues
    3. Proper Record keeping
  32. Build a Sellers’ List. Learn advanced techniques for getting the deals into your inbox.
  33. Vision Course. Your vision, whether articulated or not, is the driving force behind everything you do. Each of us is working toward an idealized version of our life. In this module we will articulate the particulars of our personal vision.
  34. Translating Vision into Action
    1. Setting the Right Goals
    2. Quarterly Milestones
    3. Daily Steps – Make an appointment with yourself for your success
  35. Commercial residential mini course. You’ll learn that the numbers are very similar, just used on a larger scale. Everything you can do with SFR (fix and flip, buy and hold, arbitrage) can be done with this asset class as well. If you want to buy apartments, what should you do? Where should you look? How should you buy? Who should manage?
    1. Analyzing apartment deals by the numbers
    2. How to conduct due diligence on an apartment deal.
    3. Structuring financing on commercial multi-family.
  36. The Vacant Land Strategy. Yes you can cash flow vacant land. Here’s a hint: It involves seller financing. There are a couple of other important secrets that you’ll learn when you take the course.
    1. Where to find it
    2. What to offer
    3. How to sell it
  37. Risk Assessment and Mitigation. Sound investment practice demands risk analysis and mitigation. You’ll have a few “aha” moments when you look back over your basic fix and flip training and see how we structured deals for you. Now it’s time to dive into risk analysis yourself.
  38. Apply the financial analysis skills. We take off and fly at 30,000 feet over the “world” of real estate investing and using our new-found analytical skills to ask the right questions, do the math, and properly evaluate any type of income producing property.
  39. Scaling up. How do we take our business to the next level? Learn the difference between growth and scale and learn how to scale your real estate business.
  40. *On-site rehab management. One of the big benefits of the one year training plan. Roger or one of the Flipping America coaches will walk you through a rehab, including site visits when possible, video calls when not, a weekly one on one call during the rehab. Normal price is $5000 + 25% of Net Profit. Mentoring students waive the $5000 advance fee and can use this benefit twice if desired.
  41. How Much do I really Need? We ask the question – you answer it, and the results may surprise you.
    1. Dream a little
    2. The “costs” of your dreams
    3. Backing into income targets
    4. Translating income targets to Goals, Milestones, and Steps
  42. Holding on to what you have. We talk about Asset Protection.
    1. Insurance
    2. Entities
    3. Trusts
  43. Tax Strategies
    1. The correct entity setup
    2. Earned income vs. other forms of income
    3. Taxation planning while scaling.
  44. Your money is your servant, not the other way around. Put your money to work for you rather than spending your life working for money. It doesn’t necessarily take money to make money, but once you have money you can use it to make more. And the more you make the less it will take from you to make that much again. (The first million is the hardest!).
    1. Understanding passive income options
    2. Risk vs. Reward decision matrix
    3. Structuring your Private Loan(s).
  45. Plan a legacy. The odds of dying are still 100%. Make good plans now to leave the results of your labor in good hands, doing good things, for a good long time after you are gone.
    1. 100 year income
    2. Creating opportunity for your heirs. “Leave them enough to do something, but not enough to do nothing.”
    3. Meaningful Cause(s)
    4. Timely and Appropriate giving.
    5. Motivations
    6. Needs of recipient
    7. Tax considerations
  46. Counting the costs (all of them). There are non-obvious costs in every deal. Don’t let them surprise you (and ruin your results).
  47. Compare Everything with Everything.
    1. What if you exerted this same effort into something else?
    2. What if you invested this same cash elsewhere?
    3. What does this do for me now?
    4. What does it do for my legacy?

*On-site rehab coaching is conducted by Roger or one of his approved coaches. The trainee agrees to compensate the coach 25% of the Net Profits from the project. Members of the “CONTENT” or “ACCESS” programs are entitled to a discount of $2500 in the up-front fee for On-Site Consultation.