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End the Guesswork

Offer with Confidence

Say "YES" to More Deals

One data set - up to six deal possibilities!

Multiple Deal Calculators

Blazing Speed

Combine them to see all your deal possibilities.

Adjust parameters (repair budget, purchase offer, etc.) and see immediate impact on the bottom line

Clean intuitive interface – no “spreadsheet overwhelm”

Contextual training videos with every calculator – even the Main Menu!

One low price and it’s yours forever.

Now you can negotiate with confidence. Say "yes" to more deals. Know all of your options. Have answers to your questions in seconds.

  • Will this deal work?
  • How much money can I make?
  • Is the return worth the risk?
  • What if the seller needs more?
  • What if the repairs cost more?
  • I have the rent numbers but will it really pay for itself?

Now you can quickly answer all of these questions and more. FlipCalcs provides eight calculators every real estate investor performs at one point or another. Many simply poke numbers into a calculator every time. This works, but it requires intimate familiarity with the formulas or the ability to manipulate the variables on a financial calculator. And even the best calculator won’t tell you whether the property is a deal or allow you to tweak the variables until you find a structure that works. FlipCalcs does that through the “Linked Offer”. You enter the information about the property and the program will show you the results of up to six deal structures: Cash purchase to rent, cash purchase to flip, loan purchase to rent, loan purchase to flip, creative structure to flip, creative structure to rent. The program knows when there is enough equity to propose a seller-financing component and automatically pops up a linked seller financing calculator. 

Know Your Numbers

Remaining Principle Balance Calculator. 

Take the call, enter 4 data points, instantly know the payment and their remaining balance. Negotiate with confidence!

Quick Rehab Estimator

Two or three data points and instantly have a GOOD idea of what it will take to repair. Based on Roger Blankenship’s proprietary formula used on more than 500 properties.

Quick MAO Calculator

Enter the ARV, enter (or copy over) the repair number and BOOM! instant MAO. 

Flip Loan Calculator

What are the rate and points? What percentage of ARV will the lender loan? Add your rehab budget, hold time and closing costs and learn how much cash this deal will take, your profit, your daily costs and more. 

Rental Loan Calculator 

Choose your loan type, enter the loan terms and your initial repairs. You instantly see 13 calculations. Your monthly payment is just one of them. also learn the loan constant, yield spread, DSCR, cash flows and more. 

Cash ROI Calculator

The true strength of a deal is not merely the profit. It’s also the Return on Investment. Enter your numbers here to see both. 

Partner ROI

Thinking about bringing in a partner? This is one way to scale your business – Other People’s Money. But you want them to get a great return on their investment. Here you can play with the variables until you have accomplished that. 

What Am I Clearing?

Respond intelligently to offers on your properties. It’s not just the price – you can counter on closing costs and sometimes the commission. The amount of commission is affected when you counter the price. This calculator also remembers you are going to pay some property taxes and estimates it for you. 

The Linked Offer - FlipCalcs' true genius

Home Information

This matches our “Buy Your House” Worksheet and is the information we collect when sellers call. We want to know about the property and the financial situation. This information helps us craft our offer(s). 

Linked Offer

Combining our powerful standalone calculators allows us to begin to see the possible scenarios that will allow us to meet the sellers’ needs and still make a profit. 

High Equity properties

You’ll want to propose some type of seller financing, joint-venture, or subject-to purchase, possibly even combining these. The Linked Seller financing sheet pops up whenever the program sees more than $25,000 equity.

Linked Offer Summary

The results (in orange) begin to appear as you enter the linked data. This page lets you see all the possibilities in one place and compare. You can tweak the numbers in the linked offer pages to directly see the impact on profitability across multiple structures. There’s simply nothing out there like this. 

Here's a Six Minute Demo