Meet the Flipping America Guy

We are all more than real estate, but this site is mostly about real estate. Behind the first curtain this site is really about wealth building and legacy and real estate is just a means to that end. Completely behind the scenes there’s a guy who just wants to make a positive impact in peoples’ lives. We believe that if we work with people who have good and generous hearts and show them how to make money in real estate the world will be a better place. So yeah, we are training the next generation of real estate millionaires. If all you want is money, perhaps there are other sites that will fit your needs better. If you want to make a difference and money is a part of that equation, stick around.

Do your houses have the proper papers?

The number one problem we hear about in this business is the construction/rehab process. You need clear communication that comes from the right paperwork. Get our Contractor Agreement plus 10 other supporting documents and “properly paper” your deals. We spend years and big buck developing these and now you can get them for free. Just click below.

Roger's Events

This is Roger’s speed course in Fixing and Flipping. It comes at you fast but we hold NOTHING back. He tells you everything you need to know to get started in this business.
Part of the accumulation of wealth comes from passive income strategies and part of that is cash-flowing real estate. It’s an important piece of the larger puzzle. Roger tells you the truth about cash-flow, rental property analysis, and how to build your portfolio.

This is FULL IMMERSION training.

Spend 2-4 days in settings designed to help you dive deeply into the topics. Some knowledge or experience is assumed. These are intermediate level live trainings.

A National REIA with a LOCAL Focus.

Wednesdays at noon, Thursdays at 7 pm (all times eastern). A different topic for every meeting and answers to all your real estate questions. 

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Ready for a Strategy Session?

Let’s get you started or get you unstuck! Roger and his team have been at this a long time and know how to solve a variety of problems you face in your business. Schedule a free thirty minute strategy session designed to help you identify your immediate goals and make a plan to get there. Do you have a bigger problem or issue and want to go right to the top? Schedule a consultation and speak with Roger himself. He only takes a few of these calls each week so be prepared for a focused sixty minutes.