Deal Consultation


Do you want to fix and flip? OK. Own income producing properties? Check. Learn the latest strategies like AirBnB, BRRR, investing with self-directed funds, creative strategies, and more? You got it! Need a solution tailored to your individual needs and goals rather than a “one size fits all” course? This is the place. The Six Month plan is designed for those who are ready to hit the ground running in a new full-time career. The Six-Month program is designed for those who need to make things happen quickly and have considerable time to invest in the process. When you click to purchase and pay, you will download the agreement. Sign, scan and email that agreement back to We will call you at the number you have provided.



Program cost is $5,000 plus 25% of the net profit from the deal.

This program is designed for someone who has a deal under contract and desires guidance through the project. 

  • Site visit (or virtual visit, as available)
  • Access to a FA Coach for direct consultation
  • Introduction to FA local resources (as available)
  • Review of project plans.
  • Access to paperwork and necessary analytical tools.

The Client will complete a Project P&L under the supervision of the FA Coach. 25% of net profit will be remitted to FA.

This is a combination of teaching, practicing, demonstrating, coaching, motivating, informing and whatever else it takes to make the project a success.