Flipping America Coaching Program – Six Month


Do you want to fix and flip? OK. Own income producing properties? Check. Learn the latest strategies like AirBnB, BRRR, investing with self-directed funds, creative strategies, and more? You got it! Need a solution tailored to your individual needs and goals rather than a “one size fits all” course? This is the place. The Six Month plan is designed for those who are ready to hit the ground running in a new full-time career. The Six-Month program is designed for those who need to make things happen quickly and have considerable time to invest in the process. When you click to purchase and pay, you will download the agreement. Sign, scan and email that agreement back to roger@rogerblankenship.com. We will call you at the number you have provided.



My training is designed to help you:

  • Learn how to make money investing in real estate,
  • Jump start your investing career and get started flipping houses faster.
  • Take control of income producing property on day one to build wealth.
  • Make more money and move towards financial freedom, and
  • Have fun doing it.
  • Learn how to analyze deals and make sure you have a profitable deal before you buy.
  • Learn the secrets to managing then fix and flip process.
  • Know how to avoid costly mistakes with contractors and more secrets to managing the fix and flip process.

You will

  • Visit properties I am rehabbing now so you can see what my deals look like (if you can come to the rehab city)
  • Learn to take control of income-producing properties from day one. 
  • Be the person who is taking action toward your financial freedom, unlike the other 80% of people who never get started.
  • Receive one-year access to tools, resources, coaching sessions both in person and online.

This is a combination of teaching, practicing, demonstrating, coaching, motivating, informing and whatever else it takes to get you investing!