The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course


This course covers Fixing and Flipping, Income Producing Properties, and Passive Real Estate Investing. Don’t pay some distant hotel guru $30-50,000. Get the same information here for fraction of that.



Here it is! Roger Blankenship has been in the business since 2002 and has done over 1000 transactions including hundreds of complete fix and flip projects and more than 100 rental properties. In this course he will tell you everything you need to know (and maybe 2 or 3 things you don’t!) about real estate investing. Why is this the Ultimate Course?

  1. It is a complete guide to generating income through Fixing and Flipping;
  2. It is a thorough presentation of how to buy income producing properties;
  3. As times change, methods vary, new ideas become viable, new modules will be added.

There is no contract, stay for one month or become a permanent member. You have to move through the modules in order, but once you’ve completed them the entire library will be available to you to watch over and over. You will be able to come back and refresh your memory on any of the topics at any time.

Roger’s unique approach and sense of humor make the learning more fun and the quizzes and required milestones will reinforce what you are hearing.

As great as this course is, the answer to your situation isn’t merely taking a course. Take this course with intent to follow the steps outlined. Get busy right away finding deals and getting better at it.