The Two Day Intensive


Jump Start your Real Estate Business. Learn the Methods, Find the Deals, Get the Money you need to do them. All in one jam-packed weekend. Includes 6 months access to the Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course ($1000 value). Hands on work with the tools, tech, and processes Roger has used to flip more than 900 houses.



Here’s a sample of what I’m going to cover:

  1. What does a deal look like? Understand the numbers
  2. Get QuickCalcs – my analytical spreadsheet that shows you what you should offer, how much it will cost you and 5 possible exit strategies for each property.
  3. Get the Flipping America Deal Analyzer, which runs a complete analysis of properties including six ways to finance a deal and multiple ways to fund a rehab deal with NONE of your own money. 
  4. Deal Sourcing. I’ll share with you my secrets that now bring more than 10,000 deals to my inbox every week. Seriously, 10,000 plus. 
  5. Deal Structuring. What do you do when the numbers don’t work? Get creative. You DON’T get creative with the numbers – but you DO with the deal structure. Learn about subject-to, mortgage wraps, sandwich leases, contract for deed and more. 
  6. Contracting and Contractors. This is the make it or break it piece in the Fixing and flipping world. 
  7. Planning your Exit. Selling houses, renting, placing them into short-term rental service. What should you do? How your exit plan guides your rehab and ultimately your purchase. 

Plus, I’m going to introduce you to some incredible resources that I use and you should too:
-Privy software for accessing live MLS data
-Ultimate Rehab Estimator
-Investor Carrot
-Using your Self-Directed IRA with Real Estate
-Finding the money for your deals – We will have lenders present. I can help you get a loan for a project even if you have no experience. ​​​​​​​​​​

This is Two Days that could change your life.