When your Passive Income pays for your life-style, you are financially free.

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RentStarter is the quick course in understanding rental properties.

Roger will take you through the entire process of acquiring, repairing, leasing, and managing rentals, plus he will show you how to own rental properties without using any of your own cash or credit. (Disclaimer: the no-cash, no-credit options do require some of your TIME.)

You’ll learn:

  • Why buy rentals?
  • Why buy single family rentals? Pros and Cons
  • What makes a good rental deal?
  • Understanding the buying formulas.
  • Where to buy
  • What to buy
  • Getting repairs done.
  • Creative Deal Structuring, including subject-to, mortgage wraps, lease sandwiching and more.
  • How to rehab for “rent-ready” condition.
  • Management or not? Pros, cons, and what to do with either.
  • How to screen applicants
    • The tools,
    • Your screening thoughts,
    • Know the tenant-landlord law.
  • The move-in inspection.
  • Repairs and maintenance.
  • Eviction process.
  • What to look for in a management company.
  • How to hire, manage, and fire a management company.
  • Tax implications of owning rental properties.

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“Rental property ownership is an important piece of the wealth puzzle. But you must know and implement the right management steps.”

– Roger Blankenship

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