Launch YOUR new Real Estate business
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Learn from the guy who has flipped more than 900 houses and bought and sold over 1300 properties

15 Actionable Lessons with a step by step process

BONUS: You get a generic purchase agreement and an assignment agreement you can use from Day 1

Created by Roger Blankenship, host of the hit radio show and podcast “Flipping America”, and has been an active real estate investor who has done more than 1300 deals, including over 900 fix and flip projects since 2002

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and start building financial freedom?

Really wish someone would just lay out the startup process in a step by step manner?

Did you waste your time going to the “famous person” seminar at the hotel only to learn it was a sales pitch into a course which was a sales pitch into a 30-50k course?