Flipping America Local

Your Network is Your Net Worth.

We meet on the First Thursday of each month except January and July. We gather in multiple locations in the metro Atlanta area and connect together online at 7:30 pm. Occasionally we record an episode of Flipping America, sometimes we have a guest speaker, and you never can quite tell what’s going to happen, but you can be assured there will be

  1. Networking
  2. Information
  3. Food!
  4. A good start to a party…

We work hard – and we have some fun too.

Want to be a Flipping America Local Organizer? It’s easy!

Why you want to do this:

  • Help your local friends get into and stay on as real estate investors;
  • Build up your own network in your area;
  • Create deal flow and income opportunities within the group;
  • Find new joint venture partners;

What does it typically take to lead a local group?

  • Create a group
  • Come up with a group name
  • Create some type of online presence
  • Pay the online presence…
  • Find a location
  • Create content, get speakers. This turns out to be one of the hardest parts because you have to do it every meeting and plan months in advance.
  • Promote the meeting
  • Charge a few bucks so you can break even…

What’s it like to lead a Flipping America Local group?

  • Partner with the Atlanta group with 8000+ members.
  • The group name is taken care of. Flipping America – YourTown
  • We are your online presence, but we will create another “presence” on Meetup for you.
  • Find a meeting location in your town.
  • Pay us $50 per month to use our branding, our logo.
  • Collect $5-$10 at the door to cover your expenses. You keep all you collect.
  • Promote the meeting (we will help).
  • Let us know how many showed up.

And you get a couple of bonuses:

  • Periodic check-in calls with Roger.
  • Access to the Ultimate Real Estate Investor Course (The $750 set-up fee is waived).

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