People will tell you there are 100 or more things to do to get ready to be a real estate investor. Politely ignore them. There is ONE THING.

Find a deal. That’s it. If you have a deal, you’re in the game. If you don’t, you’re not. Simple as that. Ok, I know there might be some steps to finding a deal, but I don’t want you to lose focus, procrastinate, or suffer from the paralysis of analysis. Find a deal, keep learning, and figure some things out as you go along. FORGET perfection. Just focus on honorable profit. By “honorable” I mean profit with integrity. In the video below I’m going to tell you several ways to start finding deals. The best part about this is, most of them are free – requiring an investing only of your time. You will need to know what a deal really looks like – how to find something someone else will buy at a price that will make you a profit. And it’s best if you have a buyer and basically hunt for deals that fit what they are looking for. But you will figure all of this out.

Do you need business cards?

This is a yes and no question. You do NOT need a fancy logo or embroidered golf shirts. You don’t even need a company name to start with (You will need one soon, but the DEAL is first). So you don’t need business cards in the traditional sense. But you DO need marketing collateral. You need something to put into people’s hands to remind them you’re ready to buy their house and provide a good way for them to contact you. I’m going to help you in this. That’s why you can go to the resources page and order 250 FREE business cards (you just pay shipping) that advertise to the world you are ready to buy their house. Do that after you watch the video. You can take notes, take screen shots or whatever, but you can also download the presentation I use in the video. You’re welcome.