The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course

Module 1Let's Make a Deal
Unit 1The Trader's Top Three Questions
Unit 2The Numbers! - Buying Formulas
Unit 3The Numbers - Management Formulas
Unit 4Valuing Properties
Unit 5Using QuickCalcs
Unit 6Local Knowledge
Unit 7The Process Overview
Unit 8The Flipping America Property Analyzer
Module 2Real Estate Basics
Unit 1Real Estate Definitions
Unit 2Deeds and Conveyance
Unit 3Real Estate Opportunities
Unit 4Deal Structures
Module 3The Investor Power Team
Unit 1Your Power Team Realtor(s)
Unit 2Power Team Deal Finders
Unit 3Contractors and Attorneys on your Power Team
Unit 4Networking
Module 4Deal Sourcing
Unit 1Unit One - Deal Finders
Unit 2Unit Two Realtors
Unit 3Unit Three Direct Mail
Unit 4Unit Four Social Media
Unit 5Unit Five - Your Website
Unit 6Unit Six Auctions and Driving
Unit 7Unit Seven Setting Realistic Goals for Deal Flow
Module 5Deal Structuring
Unit 1Introduction to Deal Structuring
Unit 2Equity Partnerships
Unit 3Hard Money
Unit 4Private Lending
Unit 5Funding Combinations
Unit 6High Equity Options
Unit 7High Equity Examples
Unit 8Low Equity with Cash Flow
Unit 9No Equity, No Flow - You STILL Have Options
Module 6Negotiation
Unit 1Introduction to Negotiation
Unit 2Connection
Unit 3Understanding and Solutions
Module 7Setting Up Shop
There are no units in this module.
Module 8Contractors and Contracting
There are no units in this module.
Module 9Sell Your Deal
There are no units in this module.
Module 10Check Up From the Neck Up
There are no units in this module.