The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course

Module 1 Let's Make a Deal
Unit 1 The Trader's Top Three Questions
Unit 2 The Numbers! - Buying Formulas
Unit 3 The Numbers - Management Formulas
Unit 4 Valuing Properties
Unit 5 Using QuickCalcs
Unit 6 Local Knowledge
Unit 7 The Process Overview
Unit 8 The Flipping America Property Analyzer
Module 2 Real Estate Basics
Unit 1 Real Estate Definitions
Unit 2 Deeds and Conveyance
Unit 3 Real Estate Opportunities
Unit 4 Deal Structures
Module 3 The Investor Power Team
Unit 1 Your Power Team Realtor(s)
Unit 2 Power Team Deal Finders
Unit 3 Contractors and Attorneys on your Power Team
Unit 4 Networking
Module 4 Deal Sourcing
Unit 1 Unit One - Deal Finders
Unit 2 Unit Two Realtors
Unit 3 Unit Three Direct Mail
Unit 4 Unit Four Social Media
Unit 5 Unit Five - Your Website
Unit 6 Unit Six Auctions and Driving
Unit 7 Unit Seven Setting Realistic Goals for Deal Flow