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I’ve started multiple businesses, several non-profits, made millions, lost them, made them again, learned a few things along the way. I’ve really tried to live a normal life, but that just hasn’t worked for me so far. 

I’ve built houses for homeless people in Latin America. I taught Bible stories to Russian public school teachers in Siberia, lectured at the University of Oslo, spoken all over the world to all kinds of groups. I’m a musician,, artist, business entrepreneur, and all around nerd.  I will never stop learning and growing. 

What I’m most proud of is my family – my wife, my three kids, her two kids – all grown now, gainfully employed and mostly sane. Yep – my biggest accomplishment (although I’m pretty sure they would tell you it’s in spite of me, not because of me!). 

So how can I help you?

“If you bend over far enough and look sideways, even your own grass looks greener.”


Doing the Flipping America Radio Show in front of a Live Audience

I make my living in the world of real estate as you can see here. But I’m not passionate about it. It’s a means to an end – like all of my “for-profit” ventures. And that end? Life itself. I love the expression of thought – in prose and poetry, in the arts as well as in literature. I appreciate that expression even where I may not agree. After all, what will you learn from considering the opinion only of those with whom you already agree?  I also love humor and the variety of ways it is expressed. 

I’ve been in the public eye most of my adult life. I haven’t minded, but I’ve always been aware that I needed to conduct myself in a way so as not to offend. Although I have no desire to intentionally offend anyone, I’ve learned that in our increasingly sensitive times, it’s almost impossible to have a sense of humor.  So I’m invoking one of the man rules here: If I say something that can be taken more than one way and one of those offends you, I meant it the other way. OK? 

“Dirt Light”

"Roger Blankenship is a tremendously gifted speaker, really one of the best I've seen among many. He has mastery of his material and engages with audiences in a natural way."
Hunter Baker, J.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science, Union University

"It started with a single conversation. Now six months later Roger has me on track to a six figure income in real estate."
Ken Horne
Real Estate Professional

What's the Point?

Combining woodworking and fine arts. I call this piece “Mondrian Mockery” 

Hey I’m a public speaker. Need a talk on a topic? I could be your guy. I’ve been a Pastor, a Seminar Instructor, Keynote Speaker, Retreat Facilitator, and a speaker at events of all sizes all over the world. If you have to ask how much I charge, I might not be your guy. This isn’t my primary source of income so you have to make it interesting. But here’s a cool thought. If your cause interests me you’ll find me very flexible on my terms. I need to make a living, but I also want to help make the world a better place. 

I’m also a consultant. Like a famous insurance company says, “I’ve seen a thing or two so I know a thing or two.” Talk to me and tell me what you need. If I cannot help you I’ll be sure to let you know. There;s a link below to schedule a free no obligation strategy session with me. 

Sometimes people just want to know what I think. Yeah I’m surprised by that too. But if you are one of those or if you just want to know more about who I am, Click on “My Stuff.” You’ll see I have a variety of interests. 

Speaking at a Networking Event

"It is humbling to have met and befriended a man with Rogers' faith, heart, honesty, and knowledge. He has a true anointing on his life."
Caesar Blue
Managing Partner, AGD Tech

"I knew after speaking with Roger for two minutes he was someone I wanted to work with and could learn a lot from. Great person both professionally and personally. If you have a chance to do business with him, take it. You won't regret it."
Steve Godlewski
Digital Marketing Specialist and Owner of Hire SEO Manager

Sample Topics

Not all topics are created equal, and that’s not a bad thing. The topic needs to fit the setting of course. Bigger audiences need broader topics and higher levels of inspiration. I’ve been a public speaker for 30 years and have prepared and delivered thousands of talks to audiences of all sizes on a variety of topics. When you engage me I’ll take time with you to understand your needs and objectives. Below are samples of just a few of the topics I’ve covered.

Real Estate and Business

How to Be a Private Lender

Set sail for Six Figures

Get Started flipping Houses

What to look for in a Rental Property

Crypto-Currency and Real Estate

Compare Everything with Everything

Faith and Life

Bible Based Economics

Excuse me, this is not the life I ordered…

The True Meaning of Meaning

What is Freedom?

The Tapestry

Living by Faith in a Secular World

Politics and Culture

How Socialism or Communism could actually work.

I Blame Global Warming

“I’m Offended!” saith the child

The Rules are Changing – What Rules?

Fact Checking and Fake News – What to believe?

“You have enough time. You ALWAYS have the time to do the things you really want to do or intend to do. It’s never a question of time but rather priorities..”

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